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The objective of this activity is to recognize the pros and cons that the impact of technology developments has caused in our lives specially in my community.


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Written Task

  1. We SHOULD control the time we spend in our cell phones.
  2. Big corporations  MUST avoid the planned obsolecence in their inventions so we COULD avoid a lot of waste.
  3. Governments MAY invest more money educating people about the downsides of technology.
  4. We MIGHT stop using cell phones when we are interacting with our friends.
  5. Technology pollution CAN stop if we diminish the carbon footprint in the planet.
  6. Parents MUST check after their children while using technology in order to avoid addiction to it.
  7. I WILL HAVE to use less my technological devices to lower my  carbon footprint.
  8. We CAN reduce the abuse of technological devices by practicing sports or finding other activities that don’t involve technology.
  9. TEch companies COULD release new products every two years instead of releasing yearly.
  10. We SHOULD stop checking our cell phones  while driving a car.

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