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About Me

My name is Alfonso David Mier, I was born in Santa Marta, Colombia a beautiful city surrounded by the calm beaches of the caribbean sea. I am a 39 year old businessman and musician. I own a web design agency and a local store of fragrances. Over the years I have combined my business life with music. My passion for music started at the age of 10 by playing piano, 4 years later I started playing guitar and started composing music at the age of 15.

Music Influence

I have been highly  influenced by classical music, rock and film music. Bands like Iron Maiden, classical music composers like Chopin and film composers like John Williams have made a great impact on my path through music.

Music Education

I took piano lessons when I was 10 years old and at the age of 14 I started playing the guitar in a self-taught way. When I turned 15 I began to write ballads and rock songs. Later I became a tenor in the public choir of the institute of fine arts where I was also taught music theory fundamentals. After that I studied music at university for three years where I learned more advanced music theory, harmony, ear training, modal music theory, orchestration among other subjects.

Film Music, DAW, and Libraries

After a long journey on the road of music I finally decided to venture into the world of film music composition using FL Studio and KONTAKT libraries. I have been 100% focused on cinematic music for the last 4 years and I have composed more than 20 tracks using KONTAKT virtual instruments in FL Studio. I will release my first official cinematic music album under the name of Circus de Terra at the end of 2021. Last year I was hired to make the film scoring of a mini thriller serie named “SINCOPE”.

It is trully amazing the miracle mankind can do with only 12 sounds; a miracle called music.”

– Alfonso David Mier


Musical Work

Here you can find some recordings of my own compositions in the music styles I like the most also you can see some work related to Film Scoring.

Cinematic Music

All the tracks below were composed by me. I used different instruments libraries from different companies like Audio Imperia, Strezov Sampling,  Sonuscore, Native Instruments and Project SAM. The tracks were recorded using FL Studio 20 DAW. If you want to learn more about my Epic Orchestral Music project please go to

Film Scoring

In 2020 before the pandemic I was hired for the very first time to be the composer of the music film score of a short suspense movie serie called SINCOPE. It was supposed to be a 5 epidodes serie. This production was made by the faculty of cinematography of University of Magdalena in my city. I was asked by the director to create an atmosphere of tension during the whole episode using underground sounds and drones to keep expectation in the viewer all of the time. It tuned out to be a success for me. The director said it was better than he expected. Unfortunately we only made the first episode because the show was canceled due to the pandemic. At the second 0:53 you can find my name on the credits.

Rock Music

All the instruments, synths, pads and voices in every song where played, sung and recorded by me except for the drums that were programmed by me using EZ Drummer library . Also all the songs shown here were composed by me except for the cover of the very well known song from the movie “Never Ending Story” by Limahl. I invited my sister Helena Mier to sing with me on this track.


My Expertise

  • Music Composition 95% 95%
  • Guitar Performance 80% 80%
  • Piano Performance 60% 60%
  • DAW, Kontakt and digital audio 90% 90%
  • Film Scoring 30% 30%
  • Mastering 10% 10%
  • Mixing 20% 20%

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